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Italian kiss - intriguing color combination for eye and lip makeup.

A palette of warm, caramel shades complemented with juicy orange, sensual burgundy and deep black inspires to take up completely new makeup challenges.

Italian Kiss look consists of five Freedom System eyeshadows, three AMC Eyeliner Gels and three types of eyelashes. A subtle smoky eye with softly blended matte eyeshadows creates a sensual glance. A classic or avant-garde eyeliner undoubtedly gives bold, rock character to the makeup. Black eyelashes in a truly women style accomplish the final effect.

Italian Kiss tempts with colorful kisses thanks to HD Lip Tint Matte with a long lasting, matte finish. Classic soft beige, brown and pink prove how little is needed for minimalistic glam, whereas the statement lip in intense orange, dark burgundy or deep black surely catches all attention.

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